How Do You Like Them Apples?

Thursday, 15 September 2011, around eight in the evening.

I’m thrilled say that today I accepted a job at Apple. I’ll be writing software as a member of a small internal developer tools team, helping to make iPads and iPhones even more awesome. I’m just beside myself with how great I think this all is.

It’s funny how things can change. A month ago I was thinking that I’d be in San Diego for at least another six months, likely longer. I thought if I’d be leaving at all, it would only be under the condition that I was able to keep my current job and work remote. I thought maybe I’d go back to Davis and use a café as my office. I thought that sounded pretty nice.

Then I got an email from a friend I hadn’t talked to in years, someone I’d taken a software engineering class with at UC Davis. He’s been working at Apple since he graduated, and he thought I’d be great for a position they were trying to fill. Two weeks later I was up in Cupertino slogging through an interview marathon; a week after that I had a job offer.

I’m going to be in San Diego for about six more weeks. Then I’ll be in Cupertino — temporarily at least. I’ll have some time to decide where I actually want to live. Much as I don’t like the thought of a 90-mile daily commute, the idea of getting a studio in San Francisco seems pretty great right now. Apple runs wifi-equipped shuttles for people who don’t want to live in Cupertino, which means the daily two-hour drive wouldn’t be time wasted. And I’m so sick of being in Southern California that being back in a city I know, living near friends again, sounds pretty damn good.

It’s awful weird, suddenly getting the chance to do a few things I’ve always wanted to do: work at Apple, make money programming with Objective-C, and live in San Francisco. I feel like I got a golden ticket, except instead of buying a stupid candy bar, I had to spend a decade or so getting good at something. In any event, I feel extremely goddam fortunate, and I’m excited to see what comes next.